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Utilizing Technologies for Business - Contract Services

Digital Iniviative Marketing, Strategies, Web Design, SEO, SEM, PPC Management, Social, and Business Intelligence.  

In today's business world there are SO many useful online technologies that can make the smallest business, even one man, look and perform like a large corporation. If you can harness today's available platforms your business can thrive and grow with little to no more effort then you are doing currently. However, learning how to use ALL the different mediums is a lengthy and time comsuming task that most businesses don't have the time to do. Don't worry, that's where we come in. In fact, if done correctly your business will actually be much more effecient in most cases and free up more time for personal life or other projects. Let us help you put your finger on the pulse of today's business world. We are available for hire or for instruction, so you can do it yourself.  



  • Brand Development
    Wizard Consulting will help you promote your position in the market place while at the same time create a brand strategy to ensure growth and recognition. Recognizing your brand marketing goals, quantifying, and qualifying your brand exposure goals is the key to any great company as well as facilitating an integrated-channel brand strategy. Our work continues onto to devise functional and practical equations that provide you with a clear understanding as to actual return on your brand endeavors. 
  • Website Design / User Experience Architecture
    90% of visitors that click on a site stay on that page less than thirty seconds. Primarily because the website offers no reason to stay there. Understanding how the human eye gravitates to visual stimulus is paramount. Having an engaging design coupled with the right user experience cues, call to action and content will convert more visitors and prospects into customers and clients. We will devise a plan for concept, goals, and design so you can harness the power of today's online marketing strategies. 
  • Client and Customer Retention
    After you have worked so hard to find and procure the customers' business you have to know how to retain their loyalty. By implementing programmed initiatives, such as: CRM, social media strategies, brand development, email and content marketing, you can achieve the ever elusive goal of keeping your customers loyalty and trust in your expertise and product knowledge. 
  • Organization | Effeciency | Intelligence
    So many great businesses fail to grasp the reason they can't grow is due to lack of organization and effeciency. Worry no more. Today's technology can't make even the most disorganized, and uncoordinated company thrive. No more file folders, note pads, filing cabinets, or paper is necessary now-a-days. By utilizing devices, cloud storage, CRM , and tablet pcs, your office management, and staff can be easily streamlined into a buzz saw of effective communication and productivity. So how do you improve upon this without interrupting business process, organization and departmental information ownership?

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Strategy, branding, roi, analytics, design, Page Rank

  • Page Rank
    Hate it when you see one of your competitors at the top of Google search? Harnessing the power of effective SEO and PPC (pay per click) campaigns is the only way to achieve this. Your prospective customers and consumers are searching the web for you, but are you there? If you are; what kind of message are you sending about your brand? 
  • Digital Media
    Wizard Tech Consulting started with a love of media, and our founders love of all things media. Today's technological advances make it so affordable for even small companies to be able to afford to utilize every possible medium available to them. Digital media strategies are similar to the same concepts of yesteryear but web based. Services such as: Youtube, Vimeo, Pintrest, Facebook, and Twitter provide companies with endless possibilities to expand their brand recognition. 
  • Analytics
    So after your website, landing page, social intiatives, and other strategies are in place how do you track the ROI? With analytics, of course. Analytics is the process of implementing algorithmic tracking code within the framework of your marketing channels so that you can effectively see where your efforts are producing the "most fruit". The problem is these "dashboards" of analytics are very intricate, time consuming to learn and difficult to decipher.
  • Mobile Apps, and Mobile Web
    Apps are a great way to expand your customer loyalty and brand awareness. Is your website optimized for a mobile platform? Can your visitors click on your phone number directly from their mobile device and call or contact you without it being a hassle? if not; then you just lost business. Contact us to help you create an effective mobile endeavor. 


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