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Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all easy and necessary ways to improve brand recognition and marketing expansion.

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What makes these channels important is because each one of them garners a Page Rank of 10 (highest) from Google.  One of the most effective ways to increase your own rankings is by gathering inbound links from related sites.  If you are able to consistently attract links from high Page Rank sites, you're ahead of the curve.  This will go a long way towards raising you up in the rankings.

Social Media Statistics

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  • Facebook Active Users
    As of May, 2012 over 900 million active users (active user - logs in at least once a month).  Figures are direct from Facebook and are reported to be fairly accurate with regards to total activity.
  • Twitter Active Users
    As of March of 2012 over 100 million active users (active user - logs in at least once a month).  Professionals that use Twitter generally are a bit more prolific than logging in just once a month.
  • Pinterest Active Users
    As of May, 2012 between 10 and 11 million active users (active user - logs in at least once a month).  Although Pinterest is a relatively new venture, they've really had an amazing breakout for active users.
  • LinkedIn Active Users
    As of January, 2012 between 145 and 150 million active users (active user - logs in at least once a month).  LinkedIn has been a steady player in the social networking game and has been on a steady rise from recent times.

Pros of Social Media

Social Media Monster

  • Facebook -
    Provides an opportunity for direct inbound links from a domain with a Page Rank of 10, provides an easy way to develop brand awareness, and also gives the owner the opportunity to index content (by importing feeds) normally not attainable on your domain.
  • Twitter -
    Twitter has many benefits, including establishing Brand Awareness, Connections to your core and captive audience, Special Events that might get missed in regular email and the Reporting of important information to your followers.
  • Pinterest -
    Allows you to tie your pinterest in with your Facebook page, thus giving you the power of both domains. Also allows you to focus your Page Rank Power from both of those pages to your domain by way of inbound links and custom tabs.
  • LinkedIn -
    LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows colleagues and prospective employers the ability to view your profile which can signify your successes and previous work experience.

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

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