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Introduction to website analysis


In this tutorial we discuss basic web design features and solid construction of the site's layout. This will go a long way towards making the site a strong SEO subject as well as make your visitor's experience that much more enjoyable. This is just a sample of the type of course videos where we go over all of the features that make up a great site.

The next couple of areas of web design theory focus on what to do when your visitors get to your site (which should occur much more frequently after you start your SEO campaign in earnest and really dedicate the time to establish your backlink profile. It's one thing to be able to get visitors to the site, but it's a totally different thing to turn those to clients or customers (a.k.a. conversion rate) When you have only a short time to make an impression, you need to really make an impact. That's where we come in, we can show you what works for some websites and what doesn't for others. Once you have the idea of what needs to happen with the site, we can discuss how to get it done. Our program isn't designed to teach you how to build sites, code, learn html, but to know what is working and not working when you hire someone so you can direct them and understand what needs to happen. SEE OUR WORK.



Call to action - A Well Styled Contact Form


The contact form is the easiest way to allow website visitors to give you their information without having to get on the phone or chat with someone. Many people still would rather retain some level of anonymity until they decide that they are ready to divulge more personal data and the contact form allows for that. It also allows the website administrator to take that data and dump it directly into a CRM to track leads directly from your website, this can be very helpful when analyzing your website's performance later on.

Call to action - Contact Us Hyperlink - Image or Text


Every website needs a way for your visitor to get in touch with you, most times, it's an image which links to the Contact Us page or links to a pop up box that you can fill in with your information, but in ALL cases, your visitor NEEDS a way to get to you. We advocate using any and all means to get people either signing up for a newsletter or just dropping an email via direct email or contact form.

Call to action - Phone Number Plainly Visible


We differ slightly from some web designers in that we advocate having your phone number very clearly visible on all pages, but especially your home page. Just like there are some people that don't like to use the phone to contact a company until they are more comfortable, there are others that just use the internet to find companies and then engage the company via a phone call. If you're not comfortable with phone calls, there are many affordable answering services that can screen your calls.



Window of opportunity - minimalist content


The average website visitor usually stays no more than a minute or 2 on your site so you have a very small window of opportunity to catch and keep their attention. Trying to blow them away with 4 million things is not going to be effective, you are going to overwhelm the visitor in no time. The key to getting just the right amount of content is to look at it as a bigger picture. Think like a visitor that has never been there before, will it take this user 5 minutes to peruse the page even if they are very interested in ALL of the content? Chances are that if it takes someone more than 30 seconds to a minute to get the gist of the page, they'll move on. In addition to the amount of content you also need to make sure that the content includes your most sought after key words. (Kind of daunting, we know)


One thing to clarify here, we're not saying that content isn't important, what we're saying is that EXCELLENT content in an easily digested way should be your top priority. Anyone can grab a bunch of content and make it look nice and pretty but if the user doesn't want to read all that, then it's wasted energy. Try and keep each little article to 2 or 3 paragraphs and use descriptive images. If the image in your article gives the user the gist of what you're trying to say, they'll feel good about reading that article and your point will get across.

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Learn how to create your online PPC (Pay Per Click) a.k.a CPC (Cost Per Click) ad campaigns without having to pay someone else using Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo.

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Search Engine Optimization

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Website Design & Construction

We can do website layout, concept, user experience architecture and construction of HTML,PHP, JAVA Script based websites, CMS (content management systems) platforms, shopping carts, as well as blog site designs. 

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CRM Software - Client/Customer Relationship Management

We will show you how to implement free customer/client relationship management software into your day to day business. This is a must have for any business.

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