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Business starts and continues with 5 basic principles: Strategy  → MarketingHardworkExecution → Consistency      BUT - Where do you begin and how? We are here to help.

Let's face it, all businesses usually start off small before they become BIG. Sound stupid? Well, it's not. When you first get that glint in your eye as a business owner or "CEO" you are filled with passion and hunger to get your small business off and running. Assuming you have a tight grasp on the service or product you are offering in this business the next is procuring customers (sales) and brand development (people knowing who you are). All too often our clients are absolutely brilliant at doing their job, but horrible at how to improve efficiency, increase productivity, decrease expenditures, grow the business, manage their processes, properly develop their brand, or increase sales. 

Small business development

  • Strategy: the understand and analysis of who and what your business is. This means; where your business is going to come from. Who are your clients and customers (understanding your target market and their needs). What is the strategy you intend, want and need to generate the business so you can offer this product or service?
  • Marketing: Well; let's face it marketing really just means the internet now-a-days, both computer and mobile. Long gone are the days of newspaper ads, mailers, and flyers. The word marketing has come down to how well you integrate all the web has to offer and show your potential customers how your small business works and what it offers to them. Marketing consists of brand development or "burning" in the brain of your customers your name, logo, and mission.  As well as consistent communication and exposure to what they are looking for. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A VERY WELL DONE WEBSITE, SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT, AND ALL ENCOMPASSING  WEB PRESENSE YOU SIMPLY WILL LOSE TO THOSE WHO DO! PERIOD.
  • Hardwork: No matter how hard we work to get in the customers, develop your brand we can't make you get up early each morning, stay late, focus, and set an example to your staff. There is no substitute for hard work and responsibility. Doesn't this seem obvious though, you say? It does, but you wouldn't believe how many people want to own their own small business and develop it into something bigger but don't grasp dedication necessary to achieve it. 
  • Execution: So now together we have got everything humming like a well oiled machine. You have a steadily growing stream of loyal customers, and people are all a-buzz about your company. NOW you just have to prove you are the expert at that service and product. You have to do what you say you can do, and not just once; over and over.
  • Consistency: The key to any business is consistency. Always performing and pushing with regularity. You can't just try it once, or be great some of the time and expect it to work. Your clients and customers have to always know you are there and ready to help and what they get will always be great. 
    • Offer them free help: Emails, Classes, Blogs, Tweets, and Posts. Keep them coming back to you and your brand so they know you are fully engaged in their needs. 
    • Execution: Ever wonder why franchises work? They work because of consistency. People like knowing that they can consistently be happy getting what they like in many different places no matter the time or day. Look at Starbucks for example: We all know that if I go to Starbucks any where in the world it will be consistent and I know what I am getting. 


Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Learn how to create your online PPC (Pay Per Click) a.k.a CPC (Cost Per Click) ad campaigns without having to pay someone else using Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo.

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Search Engine Optimization

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Website Design & Construction

We can do website layout, concept, user experience architecture and construction of HTML,PHP, JAVA Script based websites, CMS (content management systems) platforms, shopping carts, as well as blog site designs. 

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CRM Software - Client/Customer Relationship Management

We will show you how to implement free customer/client relationship management software into your day to day business. This is a must have for any business.

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